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本文摘要:本期诗人:叶如钢 静好 王献翠雷杰 薛宏 Sunflower Angel.XJ 馨閲 雨文 厉雄本期主编: 厉雄01叶如钢【作者简介】叶如钢, 数学家、诗人、翻译家。


本期诗人:叶如钢 静好 王献翠雷杰 薛宏 Sunflower Angel.XJ 馨閲 雨文 厉雄本期主编: 厉雄01叶如钢【作者简介】叶如钢, 数学家、诗人、翻译家。美国加州大学圣巴巴拉分校终身教授,中国科学技术大学长江讲座教授。曾任德国波鸿大学终身教授。翻译过英语、德语、法语、意大利语、西班牙语和瑞典语诗歌。

诗作气势派头多样。著有诗剧/史诗作品《九大行星》和《致命华美西娜之生死九章》,开发了多方位诗歌写作的新偏向。“第三只眼之诗人沙龙”和“叶如钢翻译交流平台”开办人和主持人。外洋诗人风范If Love Rugang Ye(美国) Suddenly, you are biting my fingersNot like a fierce fighter, but seemingly, to try to fend off yourselfIt seems you are not concerned with hurting meOr you want to make me feel painNeither you nor I see the deep red imprints nowYet a wisp of light from your eyes indicates something so tender I am used to when you quietly pay attention to me But I am not supposed to think about anything elseAs we are beyond the limits of time and spaceAs you are time, and I am spaceAs you throw all your time petals onto meAnd I let all my space water rise to encompass youAs land, as anchor, as jade如果爱 叶如钢(美国) 突然,你用你玉齿咬我手指你并不像一个猛烈的战士,而似乎是在努力抵御自己似乎你不在意会弄伤我或者你有意要我感受疼痛现在,岂论你还是我,都看不见那深深的红印然而你的一束眼光体现出某种特别温柔的工具让我想起你平静地关注我的时候 但我并不应当去想任何此外因为我们逾越了时间和空间的极限因为你是时间,而我是空间当你把你全部的时间花瓣掷到我身上而我令我的空间之水涨起, 包裹作为陆地、作为锚、作为玉的你 02静 好【作者简介】静好,原名王静,英籍华人。


外洋诗人风范春景(双语诗)文/静好(英国) 寒雪悄悄退东风悄悄归 嫩蕊细开处春景潜入木 粉红玫瑰迎春花黄摇曳寸光 风含香莺燕鸣万物生 季节变换日子里,心湖怎么不激荡?益令我、绮梦辉煌光耀 Spring ScenesBy Jing Hao (UK) The cold snow quietly retreatsAs the Spring breeze gently arrives When tender shoots blossomSpring sneaks into the woodland Pink roseYellow Winter- jasmineSwaying in the sunshine The wind is fragrantThe birds are singingEverything is blossoming As the season change, how can my heart stay dormant?The beautiful sights of Spring stir me to excitement with dreams of love 03王献翠【作者简介】王献翠,女,曾用名王芸芸,网名石梦奇,浙江青田人,侨居西班牙。喜好摄影,喜欢文字,诗歌。中国诗歌学会会员。


中诗网(外洋)微编辑。诗歌散见于《人民日报》《长江诗歌》《山东诗歌》《世界日报》等等。外洋诗人风范 一杯咖啡搅拌出的浓度 文/王献翠(西班牙)译/静好(英国) 六尺吧台。

往,返。十年一杯咖啡,一块钱搅拌着柴米油盐 襁褓,在母乳里酣睡东方瘦小的身影在西方不眠的灯火里跳跃 日子重复着—— 纤手举起的高度混含有阳光与月色 端着咖啡,推测秋叶是否落尽母亲是否又把炊烟燃起 一场雪飘舞的样子是否途经来时的路 Concentration Stirred in a Cup of CoffeeBy Xiancui Wang (Spain)Tr. Jing Hao (UK) A six-foot long bar, where I walked to and fro for ten yearsWith one Euro for a cup of coffee I had been stirring up daily necessities My little baby used to sleep soundly in my breastsAn oriental slender figureLeaps up and down under sleepless lights in the West Days repeated-- Little hands lifting up highMixed with sunlight and moonlight. With a cup of coffee in hand, I am wondering aboutWhether or not Autumn leaves are fallenWhether or not my mom lights up the smog again A snow isFluttering in the airI am wondering if it will pass along the same road as before 04雷 杰【作者简介】诗缱思长,本名雷杰,出生在甘肃酒泉卫星发射基地的队伍大院,后随怙恃从队伍转业回到被誉为"千年帝都"的洛阳,现居新西兰基督城并完成硕士学位,喜好诗歌,音乐和自由的心灵之旅,其作品泉源于心灵对生活的真实感悟。

获得笑傲文学平台举行的2020年最具网络影响力诗人比投第一名后,开创了《雷杰丝雨传媒》平台。外洋诗人风范你会想念我 文/诗缱思长(新西兰) 每小我私家都有一片属于自己的绿光森林岂论你去不去它总一直在那里 每一个清晨一只只小巧旋转的绿蜜雀啄开天然凸显的条纹窗格一扇扇一颗颗绿色淘气的小蘑菇叫醒深沉宽阔的大树一棵棵 我站在大地的绿肩胛只看到了林梢儿的绿色梦端绿叶的莎莎声饮醉了耳边的阳光我坐在绿色的地平线只看到了绿芽刺绣出春的图案聚结的绿绒绒撬动了心房的泉涌 我的绿光森林啊我喜欢在你的枝繁叶茂里停留任淋漓的绿光盛满我心的杯盏你会想念我当我脱离的时候你会想念我因为我已在你的每一个路口悄悄地把绿色飞骋的梦标志You Gonna Miss MeAuthor: JIE LEIEveryone has their own green forest,Whether you go or not,It’s always been there. Every Morning,Each small green sparrow pecks open the naturally stripe- highlighted windows one by one,Each little green playful mushroom wakes up deep and widened trees one by one. I stand on the green shoulder of the earth,Can only see the green dreams of the forest edges,The whistling sounds of green leaves intoxinate the sun around my ears.I sit upon the green horizon across the earth,Can only see the embroidered patterns of green buds of the spring,The patches of green lift the spring water in my heart. Oh my green forest,I like to stay in your foliage,Fill my heart with your cups of dripping green light,You gonna miss me,When I’m gone.You gonna miss me,At every one of your intersections,As I have discretely marked these floating green dreams.05薛 宏【作者简介】原名薛宏。定居英国多年,教师。

结业于河师大外语系。英国Derby 大学教育系研究生。喜好文学艺术。诗文散发网站与纸刊。

现任凤凰外洋诗译社双语主播;以声传情,以诗书写灵魂。外洋诗人风范老人与影子文/云惔风清(英国)门里 老人独坐在日光下身后的影子越拉越长老人的心啊 越等越凉余生犹如这落下的太阳余光 微弱与影相伴 谁知心的伤日光里 飘着昔日孩孑们的欢声笑语闪现着一张张亲人的面庞忖量在鹤发中丛生夕阳将昨日照亮An Old Woman with Her ShadowBy YunDan Fengqing(UK)In the doorAn old woman sitting alone in the sunlightThe shadow behind her grows longerHer heart is getting colder while waitingThe rest of her life is like the setting sunWeaker and weakerCompanied by the shadow, who knows the sorrow in her heartThe laughter of the children echoes in the daylightThe faces of loved ones flashedLove growing in her grey hairThe sunset lit up yesterday once more06 Sunflower 【作者简介】笔名Sunflower, 现居澳洲,喜诗、画。外洋诗人风范一场云起雨落的修渡文/Sunflower皎洁 赴汤蹈火用义无反顾的奔赴写一纸最长的情书耐久的漂浮 终于抵不外一场归途窗外 花了妆的夜色是否听到了雨绵绵地倾诉借几枚落荒的秋色 入一幅多情的水墨几颗被叫醒的泪把隐痛的结从心海捞起 该离别 就离别该流放 就流放人生是不是一场云起雨落的修渡?把尘送还土An austerityof clouds arise with rain returnsBy SunflowerPure white breaks into piecesgo all out without hesitationto compose the longest love letterLong long time drift,here comes to the endoutside the window , may the night, with its make-ups runninghear the whispers of the rainBorrow some fleeing autumn tintsto paint a sentimental Chinese inksome awakened teardropsstir up the secret painfrom the sea of heartsay goodbye if we’re toLet it go if we should doisn’t life an austerityof clouds arise with rain returns,give the dusts back to the soils? 07 Angel.XJ【作者简介】Angel.XJ 银行与金融学博士,金融学教授;《Rainbow Arch 乐诗中西》首创人;《海啸诗刊》副总编;《中英文艺家在线》荣誉照料;自幼喜爱并训练中英文诗歌、古典音乐。

将写作做为放松、和自己对话的方式。她的中英文作品曾揭晓于《星星》《幸存者诗刊》《飞地》《海啸诗刊》《中英文艺家在线》Hello Poetry Foundation,PoetryHunter 等中外诗刊。就职于英国一所大学商学院。Angel. XJ 也是深度盘算机学习Prescient Model首创人之一。

外洋诗人风范①天使 Tr: Angel.XJWr: JOSEPH BRODSKY皎洁 温棉之天使 仍悬挂在我的橱柜里 金属的衣架上。要向他致谢呢 这些年 我安稳无恙什么都未发生,就像那些25美分的硬币甚至毫发无损 如此微小地半径,有人会说。但确实 勾勒得甚微 精致。那图像制作的 基础不像我们,是天使,是纯精神上的呵。


真的可以没有躯干, 翅膀和背带,也用不着体态轻盈,或是否有爱的本能, 天使们珍惜匿名的状态,让身体充满幸福而发展,幸福的直径,无声地延伸在 常青的 加利福尼亚... ...AngelWr: JOSEPH BRODSKY White cotton angel,still hanging in my closeton metal hangers. Thanks to him,nothing wrong over the yearsnot happened: neither me,or - even more so - to the premises.modest range, tell me; butclearly defined. being creatednot as we, the image and likeness,but disembodied, the angels haveOnly the color and speed. The latter allowsbe everywhere. Therefore, so farAre you with me. The flaps and strapsable to really do without the torso,slender limbs, let - the love,Redeeming the nameless and providing the bodyexpand with happiness in diameter somewhere warm② 1965年1月1日Tr and Voice: Angel .XJ 智者们会忘记了你的名字。头顶上没有了光晕。像往昔那样,你只能听见风的嘶哑的咆哮。




希望 这曲调 也在午睡时响起, 作为 唇 舌和眼睛的谢意,感恩呢 那有时迫使我们向远处张望的谁人人。默默地看着天花板, 因为一双长袜显然是空的,你明白,吝啬——只是年龄老迈的保障。


你明白,相信奇迹为时已晚。于是 抬头仰望天空,不经意间 以为自己才是 天赐之物。1st January 1965 BY JOSEPH BRODSKYThe Wise Men will unlearn your name.Above your head no star will flame.One weary sound will be the same—the hoarse roar of the gale.The shadows fall from your tired eyesas your lone bedside candle dies,for here the calendar breeds nightstill stores of candles fail. What prompts this melancholy key?A long familiar melody.It sounds again. So let it be.Let it sound from this night.Let it sound in my hour of death—as gratefulness of eyes and lipsfor that which sometimes makes us liftour gaze to the far sky. You glare in silence at the wall.Your stocking gapes: no gifts at all.It's clear that you are now too oldto trust in good Saint Nick;that it's too late for miracles.—But suddenly, lifting your eyesto heaven's light, you realize:your life is a sheer gift.08 馨 閲 【作者简介】馨閲 Justin, 定居加拿大, 祖籍东北, 从事物流事情,业余喜欢英文翻译。

外洋诗人风范我和你馨阅 没有我日子 还可以慵懒 的闲逛 没有你日子的伤口上凝聚了一层盐的霜白 I and youWr/Xin YueTr/Xin Yue Without meDayswould stillloungelanguidly Without youThe wound ofDays wouldCondensea layer of saltlike white frost09 雨 文 【作者简介】雨文,本名陳雯,又名莎莎,英文名Sarah Chen。杭州人,热爱中外古典音乐和工具方文学美术。

大学结业赴美读研,是美国注册会计师,居住华盛顿。在海内出书长篇翻译小说《天长地久》,在美国揭晓英文短篇小说《CHING MING》。2018年开始重新提笔创作散文,自由诗,和格律诗词,作品散见各微信平台,及纸刊《江南诗》等。

外洋诗人风范 蒲公英文|雨文(美国) 白色的小伞在东风里飞扬是蒲公英的孩子脱离母亲去探索世界 纤细如针的花瓣像蜻蜓的翅膀向四方舒展带着种子去寻找安家之乡 白色的小伞不知道自己会飞向何方却快乐地乘风而行只为它那颗无畏的心 风把它带到河滨它喜爱聆听流水潺潺风把它带到山前它喜爱感受松涛阵阵风把它带到平原它喜爱眺望广袤的地平线 白色的小伞在东风里飞扬载着信念和理想飞向从未见过的地方 我是蒲公英的孩子白色小伞载我飞翔从中华故土的西湖之滨来到美利坚首都华盛顿 气候,也是四季明白色彩,也是滿目绿荫白色的小伞降落在波多马克河畔生根着花把家安DandalineSarah Chen Little umbrella white,In spring breeze it flies,'tis the child of dandaline,Leaving mother for the first time. Petals tiny and fine,Like the wings of dragonfly,They take the seed of dandaline,On a journey new home to find. Little umbrella white,Happy and free minded,In spring breeze it flies,Just following its brave heart. It flies over rivers meandering,Loving the murmur of water following,It flies to green hillside,Enjoying the sound wave of pines,It flies across countryside,Favoring the vast spread of fields. Little umbrella white,Full of excitement and aspiration,Takes a journey in spring time,To territory unknown and far far away. I am the child of Dandaline,Little white umbrella carries me,From the bank of West Lake,To the Capital Hill of Washington DC. Where the four seasons are distinct as Hangzhou's,Where trees boast same degree of green as Hangzhou's.Little umbrella white,Descends on the bank of Potomac river,And settles down for life. 010 厉 雄 【作者简介】厉雄,旅西班牙华语诗人。浙江青田人,居马德里。中国诗歌学会会员,世界诗人大会会员。


诗集《归来的雪》。主编《侨中人文学》。外洋诗人风范药罐文|厉雄(西班牙)译|静好(英国) 熬了半生的药吞吐木炭猛烈的火舌有裂纹的罐子,言语越发清晰 胸中沸腾着排山的风言风语按住紧凑的身子最后落下,咯血的形状 背影投在熏黑的墙上花白的头发,染上冬天的色彩拈二钱月光,一两梦想抓一小把所剩无几的风景泛光的罐子,吐出人间的沧桑 九十九剂良方,用了半生的积贮破壳而出的那一刻如小鸟啄开黎明冬的万马飞跃,一罐又一罐倒出春景无数The TCM Medicine PotBy Li Xiong (Spain)Tr. Jinghao (UK) The medicine, boiled for a half-life time,Takes in and sends out the fierce tongue of the flaming charcoal.In the cracked jar, its speech gets much clearer. The rumblings of earth-shaking are boiling in his chest, andHolding tightly his compact body,Finally fall into the shape of haemoptysis. His back view projects on a blackened wall,His grey hair, dyed like winter colors.Picking up some moonlight and dreams, andCatching a handful of left-over scenes.The floodlight jar spits out the vicissitudes of the world. With ninety-nine effective recipes, using his half of lifetime savings, thenThe moment when hatchingLike a bird pecks at dawn,As ten thousand steeds gallop in winter,The pot, one potful after another,Finally pours out countless Spring Lights.《中国今世微诗人》编委会名誉照料:李少君 龚学敏顾 问:安 琪 马启代 金 迪 张二棍 王新民 卢卫平 南 鸥 大 卫 王 法 车延高总 编:王寒山 黄明仲副总编:祝宏飞主 编:顾志锋 易 红副 主 编:小雨 冯彪 魏若初 程仁全 溪水冰 云飞 编 委:王寒山 黄明仲 易红 顾志锋 祝宏飞 小 雨 溪水冰 刘 平 朱 莉 陈荣来 班琳丽 王国良 徐 斌 责编:许承云 金飞飞外 联 部:冯彪,张杰、赵之逵,沧浪之水,溪水冰,林麦子,胡水根,邢子宾,顾志锋,易红,王寒山。

栏目主编:1,《诗界网络平台活跃诗人荟萃》主编:罗秋红 水弦 王永纯2,《外洋诗选》主编:厉雄3,《同题诗选》主编:顾志锋 易红 冯彪4,《诗经春秋》主编:王寒山 黄明仲 祝宏飞5,《微诗歌选刊》主编:张杰 尘梦 赵之逵 王小斐6,《微诗人脸谱档案》主编:王寒山7,《中国今世微诗人》诗歌奖大赛《来稿选刊》主编:王寒山 顾志锋 易红 评审部主任:顾志锋 黄明仲 王寒山责任校对:编辑部人员。